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La Fin du Monde

Quebec is known for producing world-class maple syrup, poutine and NHL-calibre goaltenders. However, after sampling a Unibroue brew from Chambly, Quebec, you might just add beer to that eclectic list. The La Fin du Monde (“End of the World” to you Anglophiles) is a triple-fermented golden ale that boasts an impressive 9% alcohol by volume.

Chambly Noire

The opaque blackness and beige-colored
foam mousse of Chambly Noire belie its light,
refreshing body and clean, long finish,
featuring hints of roasted coffee beans, toast
and toffee.

Blanche de Chambly

In the spring of 1992, Unibroue marketed its first beer on lees, the Blanche de Chambly. It contains 5 percent alcohol and is produced from an interesting blend of unmalted Quebec wheat and pale barley malt, to which spices and natural aromatics are added, along with a light hopping.

The Blanche is only partially filtered so that it retains the full benefits of its natural ingredients. This gives it the cloudy appearance that was characteristic of pale beers in the Middle Ages. While it is naturally of a champagne color, it appears white because of the fresh yeast in suspension.

Unibroue Terrible

La Terrible is a dark brown beer on lees and is part of a collection of exotic and refined Unibroue beers brewed using 100% natural raw materials. It may be drunk as an aperitif or as an after dinner digestive. It is equally a perfect accompaniment to the above-mentioned dishes or a pleasant alternative to coffee.

Topped by a sumptuous head of foam, La Terrible possesses a fruity aroma enriched with notes of roasted malt and Madeira. Its long lasting flavor is both elegant and full bodied.

Unibroue 17

Unibroue 17 is a brown Belgian ale that mixes two great and contradictory flavors together quite well: tart black cherries and burnt toffee. Contains 10% alcohol by volume.


In November 1992 Maudite (the damned one), was the first strong beer to be distributed in Quebec grocery stores. It contains 8 % alcohol and is also the first beer brewed in America that improves with age. When served young, it is very smooth, but when served after several years of storage, its flavour is reminiscent of port. Maudite is a mahogany-colored, rich-tasting premium beer that has a distinctive, complex taste. Because of the warmth it releases, this strong character beer must be served cool but not cold. Perfect with pasta, red meats, stews and spicy dishes, it also makes a good aperitif and after-dinner drink.

Don de Dieu

The Don de Dieu was first released onto the Quebec market as a limited edition in November 1998. It rapidly became one of Unibroue’s most popular bottle-conditioned products. Therefore, due to increasing demands, Unibroue decided to distribute it internationally.

It was named after Samuel de Champlain¹s boat, The Don de Dieu, which arrived in Tadoussac, June 3, 1608. He was commissioned by the King of France to pursue, by way of the great Canadian waterway, the exploration of the vast and inhospitable land called “America”.

His mission made him founder of Quebec and the land came to be known as the land of the “somewhat of a great people.” Thus, it is in the memory of those ancestors that Unibroue has brewed the “Don de Dieu,” a “somewhat of a great beer.”

Quatre Centieme

The Quatre-centième will be available to Quebecers and beer lovers in more than 20 countries worldwide, including the United States and France. Unibroue hopes this gesture will enable everyone to share in Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations.

The Quatre-centième is a Belgian style double ale, with a strong profile and slightly tart. We managed to balance four spices: one for each century of Quebec City’s history.


It is the third of series of fruit based “Blanche” beers. Brewed from 100% first quality natural ingredients with a perfect blend of spring barley, wheat, apple wort, spices and natural aromas.

Apple – Éphémère is a beer on lees with a light yellow to jade colour and is part of an exotic collection of refined beers that may be drunk as an aperitif or with dessert.

Trois Pistoles

Trois Pistoles was launched in June of 1997. It contains 9% alcohol and is brewed with roasted malt. Its rich, smooth texture, and the presence of yeast used for in-bottle refermentation give it a very distinctive flavour.

This dark beer and has an aroma of ripe fruit and a pleasant aftertaste that lingers like old port wine.

Trois Pistoles can be enjoyed before a meal or after, and is excellent with pasta as well as game meat and wild fowl.

It also enhances the flavour of desserts like chocolate mousse and fruit salad, and can even replace coffee as an after dinner drink.

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