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Order A Keg

Order A Keg
Deposit/Rental Fee

Domestic Tap…$49 ($40deposit; $9 rental)

Import Tap…$84 ($75 deposit; $9 rental)

Keg Deposit…$30

New York State Deposit…$75

Tub Rental… $9

**The deposit will not be charged when purchased. All we do is take down the credit card information and if a month after it’s purchase date it has not been return we will charge you the $175 deposit fee. However, if the deposit is left in cash we will return the cash when you return the keg. If it’s going into a kegerator that is an exception. **

Identification Process:

You must provide valid license or government ID.

Tap Return Policy

Taps returned damaged or excessively late may be subject to a charge, at the sole discretion of a Port Chester Beer representative.

Available KEGS!

* **Amstel Light**
* Beck’s
* **Blue Moon**
* **Brooklyn**
* Bud
* Bud light
* Coors Light
* **Dos XX**
* **Guinness**
* Heineken
* **Hoegaarden**
* **Long Trail**
* **Magic Hat**
* Michelob Ultra
* Miller Lite
* Miller MGD
* Natural Light
* Rolling Rock
* **Sapporo**
* **Sierra Nevada**
* **Staropramen**
* **Stella Artois**
* Yuengling

** All kegs that have an asterisk are SPECIAL ORDERS. We need to know 2-3 days in advance for when you would like the keg. And the keg must be paid prior to us ordering it.**

Call to inquire about any kegs that you may not seen listed above.

Questions & Answers about KEGS!

How do I tap a keg?

We’ll show you.

When operating your tap, the main thing to remember is “don’t over-pump.” Pump the tap just a couple of times with the faucet open until you get a nice steady flow, then stop pumping. (Over-pumping introduces air and causes excess foam.)

How long does kegged beer last? Why does it go flat?

Kegged beer will keep for a few days if kept cold, on ice or in a kegerator. Treat your keg like a bottle of milk—if beer gets warm, it goes sour or will not pour properly. Beer changes in taste as it changes in temperature and with each day that it’s exposed to air. Tapping your keg with a party pump puts air into the container. Carbon dioxide escapes as air enters the keg, causing the beer to become flat.


customer feedback

I have placed my third order with Port Chester Beer online. This time, I was worried because one of my items was on back order. I should have known better than to worry though because as usual they came through. The in stock shipment came right on schedule and the backordered item came a week later. Great service, count on my return.

Rachelle, IL


I not only love the selection that Port Chester offers but I am delighted with their service. I placed an order for a holiday gift and it arrived as promised in plenty of time. Thanks Port Chester Beer for helping me provide gifts in time!

Caroline from Columbia MO