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Beer Glossary

Beer Glossary

Alcohol by Volume. The measure of the amount of space the alcohol in a beer takes up as a percentage of total volume. This is the worldwide standard for measuring the alcohol content in beer. The United States traditionally used alcohol by weight (ABW) to measure alcohol content, but more and more American brewers are now adopting ABV.

Alcohol by weight. The measure of the weight of alcohol as a percentage of total weight of the liquid. This standard is being used much less frequently nowadays. To convert ABW to ABV, multiply the ABW x 1.25. Conversely, to get the ABW from ABV multiply the ABV x 0.8.

Acetaldehyde -
A by-product of fermentation. It is recognized by an aroma of green apple.

Adjunct -
Fermentable substance used instead of traditional grains to make beer lighter-bodied or cheaper.

Alcohol -
Ethyl alcohol or ethanol, which is a by-product of fermentation. It is produced when yeast consumes the fermentable sugars. Alcohol is what causes intoxication.

Ale -
Ales are beers made with top fermenting yeast. They typically are fermented between 68-75°F. Ales absorb some of the byproducts from the fermentation which cause can a fruity or estery nose or flavor.

Aroma Hops -
Hops added at the end of the boil that add to the aroma of the beer.

Astringent -
Drying, puckering taste; can be derived from boiling the grains, long mashes, over-sparging or sparging with hard water.


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