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Can I request you make a delivery regardless of where I live?

As of the date of this printing (11/23/10) we can only delivery beer within the state of New York, you may also pick your order in our store.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

The shipment cost on your order will depend on how much you have ordered and the total weight of the total items orders. Shipping costs vary in accordance with weight and your location and shipping carrier chosen.

Does my order need to be insured?

We highly recommend insuring your order. This is to compensate you in the event that your product is damaged or lost during shipment. If you do not insure your order, it cannot be replaced without you needing to pay full cost.

What types of products can I request be shipped to me?

If you live in a state that it is allowed, you may order any of the products that we have in our line of micro-brews or domestic beers.

Can you deliver kegs?

Because of the New York State regulations regarding kegs, we are only allowed to provide them to local customers. They cannot be shipped.

Can I order gifts?

You are allowed to order our products for gifts. However, please be aware that when you do this you are certifying that the person receiving the gift is of legal age (e.g. must be twenty-one or older). Delivery companies will also require that a person over the age of twenty-one sign for the delivery and they may request identification.

Will a gift order include an invoice?

If you order a gift, we will not include an invoice. You can receive a statement of your order by logging into your account and we can ship an invoice to you if you request it.

Do I have to use the website to place an order?

If you are not comfortable placing your order online you may also call our direct line at (914) 939-2020 and place your order by telephone. Make sure you have the items and your credit card ready.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders are processed within twenty-four hours of receipt. You will be notified when your order is shipped. Shipping times vary depending on carriers, location and weight.


customer feedback

I have placed my third order with Port Chester Beer online. This time, I was worried because one of my items was on back order. I should have known better than to worry though because as usual they came through. The in stock shipment came right on schedule and the backordered item came a week later. Great service, count on my return.

Rachelle, IL


I not only love the selection that Port Chester offers but I am delighted with their service. I placed an order for a holiday gift and it arrived as promised in plenty of time. Thanks Port Chester Beer for helping me provide gifts in time!

Caroline from Columbia MO