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Great pricing even with shipping.  Great selection, easy to use ordering system and timely delivery. Everything I could want in an online beer ordering system. Thank you  

Bill - California


I have placed my third order with Port Chester Beer online. This time, I was worried because one of my items was on back order.  I should have known better than to worry though because as usual they came through. The in stock shipment came right on schedule and the backordered item came a week later.  Great service, count on my return. 

Rachelle - Lake Zurich, Illinois 

I placed an order with Port Chester Beer and I originally was fine with the delivery date. However, I realized I had mixed up the dates for my party so I called their customer service line to see if I could get the order sooner. Not only were they more than accommodating, but also I received my shipment in time for my party thanks to their willingness to work with me. Great company and excellent service. 

Mike - Wisconsin 

I originally placed my order online but because I was going to be in the neighborhood, I decided to call to find out if I could pick it up. Not only was the customer service the best I’ve encountered on any online site, but they allowed me to pick up the products I’d ordered and immediately removed the charge from my credit card. I am very pleased with this company and recommend them highly.

Jack – Westchester, New York

I did not want to pay for my order online with a credit card so I called Port Chester directly to see if there was another way.  Not only was their customer service agent pleasant, she offered me the option to pay for my order when it was delivered.  I couldn’t be happier about my experience with this company and I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in buying kegs of beer like I did. 

Barbara - Dobbs Ferry, New York 

There are not too many places that would be comfortable sending orders to a company address.  However, since I knew that I would not be home to sign for a delivery, I contacted Port Chester Beer to see if they would deliver it to my office instead. Not only was their staff member extremely polite and helpful, but the delivery to my office was not a problem for them. Thank you Port Chester Beer, you have my business!

Carole - Mount Vernon, NY 

I received an order that had something in it that I did not order. I contacted Port Chester by email and within two hours I had a return authorization code and information on how to return the unwanted product to them.  Thank you for being so helpful and making this so easy for me. 

Joan- Clifton, NJ 

I was very disappointed when my order arrived and one of the cases contained broken bottles. I called Port Chester right away and told them about the damage. They immediately provided me with a return code, they shipped a replacement (which arrived only 3 days later) and they were extremely prompt in crediting my account.  This company does not let anything stand in the way of great customer service. 

Ron- Las Vegas, Nevada 

We really enjoy Weihenstephaner beers and we were at a loss as where to find the entire line. Imagine how pleasantly surprised we were to find them at Port Chester Beer and have them shipped directly to our home  Not only were these beers in stock, but we were able to order them and have them shipped in time for a special birthday party that we held at home. What a great service you offer, thanks for providing such a great selection of beers!   

John & Marcia – Miami, FL

I was so glad to find gluten free beer!  It is hard to find and being able to order it shipped directly to my home was a bonus! The shipment was timely, well packages and the ordering process was simple. Thank you Port Chester Beer! 

Tim – California 

I never considered ordering beer online but when I saw the wide selection of micro-brews offered from Port Chester I had to see for myself. I probably ordered more than I should have ordered for a first order, but I have to say that Port Chester lived up to the hype. My order was handled promptly, the shipment got to me in great condition and the price was pretty good considering I paid for shipping. You have a life-long customer here! 

Mark - Readington, New Jersey  

I only placed a small order and I was convinced that this would be a one time order only.  I figured that it would take too long to get the beer I ordered and that the shipping cost would mean that this was far more than I wanted to spend. I was definitely wrong – the shipment arrived in good time, it was well packaged and the shipping costs were reasonable

 Kenny - Maine 

I ordered a variety of micro-brew beers for my brother for his birthday and I realized afterwards that I didn’t want him to know how much I paid. In a panic, I called the company and asked if they could label this as a gift and make sure that there was no invoice in the case.  I was assured that they could make sure the shipment didn’t include an invoice and it did not. Thanks for your capable assistance!

Kate – New Hampshire 

Buying anything online is a challenge and I have to admit I was more than skeptical about ordering beer online. I submitted an order and held my breath and hoped that everything went ok. I would have never imagined this happening, but within 48 hours I got a confirmation that my order was shipping, the shipment was timely and the costs were far more reasonable than I expected. You have made a believer out of this skeptic.  Thank you! 

Jan – El Paso TX 


customer feedback

I have placed my third order with Port Chester Beer online. This time, I was worried because one of my items was on back order. I should have known better than to worry though because as usual they came through. The in stock shipment came right on schedule and the backordered item came a week later. Great service, count on my return.

Rachelle, IL


I not only love the selection that Port Chester offers but I am delighted with their service. I placed an order for a holiday gift and it arrived as promised in plenty of time. Thanks Port Chester Beer for helping me provide gifts in time!

Caroline from Columbia MO